Project manager by day, artist by night.

With degrees in anthropology, community planning and finance, I was ready for my next adventure when I took a welding class at the Indianapolis Art Center — and I was hooked!

As an artist I enjoy creating both decorative and functional pieces constructed from a range of materials including: steel, bronze, iron,  wood, glass and tile.

I often enjoy working with recycled materials giving new life, purpose and beauty to things others would consider trash.

My style is best described as contemporary abstract.  While I approach each project with a plan, I enjoy allowing the process to guide the end result


The raindrop is a series of gears welded together to give the impression of water dripping into a puddle. 

Artist Window Table

This mixed media table is constructed from steel, iron, granite, slate and glass. When started, it was intended to be wall mounted. But because it didn't feel right, I  let it sit in my garage. A year later it struck me that this would make the base for a table. This...

The Quilt

The quilt is constructed of wood and rusted steel.  My wife, Lorraine's favorite piece is the one in the lower left corner, which hangs slightly off the quilt.

Fire Pit

I have always wanted a fire pit for the backyard, and now I have one.   Constructed from some of the remnants of the 10' long kaleidoscope it stands ready to warm a chilly summer night.  

Climbing Man

First in a series of three commissioned pieces designed to be mounted on the front of a fireplace.