Project manager by day, artist by night.

With degrees in anthropology, community planning and finance, I was ready for my next adventure when I took a welding class at the Indianapolis Art Center — and I was hooked!

As an artist I enjoy creating both decorative and functional pieces constructed from a range of materials including: steel, bronze, iron,  wood, glass and tile.

I often enjoy working with recycled materials giving new life, purpose and beauty to things others would consider trash.

My style is best described as contemporary abstract.  While I approach each project with a plan, I enjoy allowing the process to guide the end result

Jazz Man

Jazz man is part of the "man series", a collection of pieces fabricated from railroad ties depicting men in action.

Skiing Man

Skiing man is part of a the "man series". ┬áThis collection of ┬ápieces fabricated with railroad spikes, depict men in action.