News, Reviews and Video from Installation Nation

Posted by on Jun 10, 2010 in Events & Exhibits, News | 1 comment

I have finally recovered from the weekend, and am enjoying the photos, video and reviews of the exhibit.  Here is just a sample of the reviews Review from Nuvo bu Dan Grossman One of the most engaging of these installations was the cannon-sized kaleidoscope created by Andrew Ball with Todd Bracik and Matt Warren. Review by Fun City Finder Installation Nation is a unique opportunity for Indy residents to interact with the art in a hands-on manner. Too often art is placed behind velvet ropes and interpreted, not by the individual art-goers personal response to a piece, but rather by the...

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Our Kaleidoscope is Creating Buzz

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Matt, Todd and I are really excited about the way the kaleidoscope is coming together.  While we still have some work to do to finish the project before the opening of Installation Nation next weekend, we can’t help but smile as we look through and see it work! The idea of an 8 Foot Kaleidoscope seems to be grabbing the attention of others as well.   Here are just a few excerpts from the news: From the Art Center News: “Last year when I looked at the shipping containers of Installation Nation, it came to me that these would be perfect as giant kaleidoscopes,” Andy said,”Typically...

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